Starz Lacrosse Club To teach and reinforce the essential lacrosse skills and fundamentals needed for highsSchool lacrosse players to excel on the high school level and that will prepare them for the next level.- To teach and reinforce

Mission Statement

The STARZ Lacrosse Club, powered by the Arena Club, has as its primary mission to provide for each player, a quality team and individual experience through instruction delivered by high quality coaches. By combining training with consistent practice of sound fundamentals and development of new skills, STARZ Lacrosse seeks to produce well-prepared high school and college athletes. 


Starz Summer Tournament Action

posted 06/21/2016
Starz 2016's

posted 05/27/2016
STARZ 2019's Bring Home First Place!

2015 U15 Brine National Recruiting Fall Ball Champs!

posted 11/10/2015
Shake The Earth by Crosseworks